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Ανακαλύψτε ένα εμβληματικό πολυτελές ξενοδοχείο της Μυκόνου.
Safety, Sustainability & Social Responsibility
Mykonos Princess Hotel is proud to gladly announce its cooperation with the non-profitable organization “Clean Hands”. Clean Hands is a licensed urban non-profitable company with main activity the collection, process and distribution of used soaps from hotels, to social groups that are in need of basic items for personal hygiene. The company was established in 2012 aiming at the collection of used soaps from hotels in order to cover social and energy issues. Meanwhile, with this kind of action (reuse) we participate in recycling and furthermore with the Green Soap...
European Inspection and Certification Company S.A. acts as a third party inspection, audit and certification body. Its operation is based on the values of independence and integrity as well as on the impartiality and competence of its management and personnel. Mykonos Princess Hotel is granted the certificates CODEX ALIMENTARIUS & ISO 22000:2005 on September 2016
A lot of children need a lot of friends. Friends to share the responsibility for their well-being now and in the future! As an SOS Children’s Villages donor you make it possible for a child at risk to grow up in a loving home, with good nutrition, health care and a quality education that will prepare him or her for a bright future. Mykonos Princess and its Team were more than proud to donate!
The Evolution of Pet Hospitality For the first time, there is a way to welcome pets to a hotel with a new innovative program that makes pet hospitality true and warm. Hospitality Pet Care Program is about reinforcing pet-friendly hotels with innovative tools and services in order to offer pets the care they deserve. Hospitality Pet Care Program trains and certifies the hotels to treat pets as guests by offering facilities like bowls for water and food, towel and even pet shampoo. Moreover, the program provides advanced tools and solutions...
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